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Cloud hosting for your Business website

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In order to explain you cloud computing architecture in a better way, I will divide divide it into two different sections that is:
Front end
and Back end.

Both front end and back end servers connect to each other through a network. The front end is the side the users computer and the back end is the “cloud” section of the architecture. Normally front end servers includes the client’s server and the softwares required to access the cloud system. Few cloud computing systems have the same user interface. Applications like web mail, Web browsers like IE or Firefox. Other systems have unique applications that provide network access to clients. On the back end of the cloud system  there are the different servers and data storage systems which produce the “cloud” of computing services. A cloud hosting architecture could include practically any any application, from data processing to video games. Usually, each application will have its own dedicated server.

Cloud Architecture, Cloud servers

Cloud Architecture, Cloud servers

There is one central server in cloud architecture which constantly monitors traffic and client requests to control everything runs swimmingly. Cloud Computing follows a set of rules called protocols and it also utilize a extraordinary kind of application called middleware. This let networked computers to intercommunicate with each other.

If a shared cloud hosting provider has many clients, there will probably a high requirement for storage space. Many hosting providers needs multiple storage devices. In cloud computing architecture you will need at least double the number of storage devices it requires to keep all its users information stored because like all servers these server also sometime goes down. A cloud computing system must make a copy of all its users’ data stored on other devices. The backup data enables the central server to access backup servers to retrieve data otherwise would be unreachable. Making copies of data as a backup is called redundancy.

virtual cloud computing

In Cloud Architecture you are Virtually Served

Not always but many times, servers setup in Cloud architecture uses their partial capacity. That means there is unused processing power going to waste. It is possible to mislead a physical Dedicated server into thinking it’s actually multiple servers, each running with its own OS. This type of technique is called as server virtualization. By maximizing the output of individual servers, a virtual private server decrease the need for more physical Dedicated servers.

Grid computing and Cloud computing:

Cloud computing architecture is intimately related to grid computing. In a grid computing system, servers availabe in the network are able to access and use the resources of each other on the network. In cloud computing architecture,it usually applies to the back end.

Grid Server

Grid Server

Conclusion: As 100% uptime is required for a Business website, Cloud hosting is a perfect solution for you. You will not face a single second downtime as well as you will also get extra ordinary performance than a  normal hosting.

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Tips to Choose a right host for your business Website?

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Before building your business hosting website, you should consider several things and precautions that you should be followed and do take a note of all these things. I have given all of them in five simple points which are as follows:-

1) Redundancy: RedundancyBusiness website redundacny is very improtant. So before choosing any hosting package you should make sure that your web host provider takes system backups of the website daily. They should guarantee you that all the data in your website are secured in case of any accidents such as a sudden server failure.  Backup features should be included in the package price.

Money back guarantee2) Money back guarantee: You should go with the hosting provider who offers at least a 30-day money back guarantee. This is ver necessary because it allows you to withdraw from the website without losing any money if the provider does not follow through with all that he has promised. Term of service is listed in the small print so read the small print carefully.

Hosting Uptime3) Uptime: In order to ensure that visitors all around the world can view your website, your website must always be up and running 24/7/365 days because there are different time zones in the world so it is crucial to always make sure that your web hosting provider has a dependable and excellent server infrastructure that should be running 99% of the time you host your website.

support4) Support: The second last and the most important point you should consider is technical and customer support that runs 24/7. When visitors or potential customers cannot access your Website, they will search for any other websites. You may lose them for good.

Reliability5) Reliability: last point you should remember to check carefully  is about services and features offered by your webhost. The main thing is that you must be careful is checking connectivity and uplink to their data center, configuration of the server should be latest, and also the confirm all the supported applications on server. No matter whichever Web Host UK you choose, you should get all the features mention as on their website.

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