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Why do you need a cloud server for your the online business

The technology has revolutionized the way the world does business on both a local and global level. In this competitive world where very thing is available with a click of a button. Because of the global competition along the web, online stores need to boost their website to attract more customers and...

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Shopping Cart for Business Hosting Site

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Shopping Carts| OS-commerce, Zencart, Magento

There are various open source shopping carts which are generally simple to integrate with your existing business websites  hosted on Small Business Web Hosting servers and as well easy to customize, the only question is- which would be the best? I would suggest before choosing shopping cart software either its free or paid, you should examine issues of installation part and general effectiveness and make sure the ecommerce software you are going to choose should meet your customers need autonomously. Check your shopping cart should follow the latest technology for example it should easily integrate with popular payment gateways including Google checkout system and many other popular payment gateways.

One of the most effective way to choose right shopping Cart for your business hosting site is by finding user reviews either it is free or paid service through forums or any other review websites. In general many features of well known shopping cart software are intuitively designed for business hosting website’s users but you should also check it should be search engine friendly and must be security built up. Especially for paid service check the support and level of customer services of the providers by raising few pre-sale questions and check the response time and the quality of the reply. Check thoroughly the manual and support documentation, download the user guide and take a close overview before you buy the shopping cart software.

You can find various web hosting packages suitable for your business at one of the UK’s Best Web Hosting provider eUKHost.With their packages,they offer some free shopping carts as well.

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Rsync for your Business Website

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Rysnc is the best application to backup your data on remote server.  With the help of Rsync you can keep daily backup of your Business website’s mission critical data on remote server. Your hosting provider can setup daily, weekly or monthly rsync crons as per your request to copy backup of accounts on their backup space.


How to configure Rsync?

*IF you want to take back up or transfer data of one or more folder, you can do it using command rsync. In this case a folder of which you want to take back up is called as source directory and folder where you are taking the backup is called as destination folder. Let us assume that you have two folders. First one is backup_source and another is backup_destination. backup_source is a folder of which you have to take backup into folder backup_destination. run the simple command to accomplish the task.
rsync -ave backup_source/ backup_destination/ This is a simple way from which you can take backup.

Now let us understand the options use in command
1)-a, –archive archive mode; same as -rlptgoD (no -H)
Instead of using several options like -rlptgoD, you can use just a option which is equivalent to the said options.
-r, –recursive recurse into directories
-l, –links copy symlinks as symlinks
-p, –perms preserve permissions
-t, –times preserve times
-g, –group preserve group
-o, –owner preserve owner (super-user only)
-D same as –devices –specials
2)-v, –verbose increase verbosity
3)-e, –rsh=COMMAND specify the remote shell to use

If you want to take backup from another machine over secure shell use following command.
rsync -ave ssh username@anothermachine/backup_source/ backup_destination

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DNS Records

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The DNS records are the most important records for a domain to resolve to it’s exact server.Below are some of the important categories of data stored in the DNS :

A record : An A record or address record maps a hostname to a 32-bit IPv4 address.

AAAA record : An AAAA record or IPv6 address record maps a hostname to a 128-bit IPv6 address.

CNAME record : A CNAME record or canonical name record makes one domain name an alias of another. The aliased domain gets all the
subdomains and DNS records of the original.

MX record : An MX record or mail exchange record maps a domain name to a list of mail exchange servers for that domain.

PTR record : A PTR record or pointer record maps an IPv4 address to the canonical name for that host. Setting up a PTR record for a hostname in the in-addr.arpa domain that corresponds to an IP address implements reverse DNS lookup for that address. For example (at the time of writing), www.icann.net has the IP address,but a PTR record maps to its cannonical name,referrals.icann.org.

NS record : An NS record or name server record maps a domain name to a list of DNS servers authoritative for that domain. Delegations depend on NS records.

SOA record : An SOA record or start of authority record specifies the DNS server providing authoritative information about an Internet domain, the email of the domain administrator, the domain serial number,and several timers relating to refreshing the zone.

SRV record : An SRV record is a generalized service location record.

TXT record : A TXT record allows an administrator to insert arbitrary text into a DNS record. For example, this record is used to implement
the Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys specifications.

NAPTR record : NAPTR records (NAPTR stands for “Naming Authority Pointer”) are a newer type of DNS record that support regular expression based rewriting.

The DNS also contains many other records but the above mentioned are some of the important records.

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CGI Script Hosting

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Today most of online business sites have interactive feature and have lot of automated texture that is one of the reason that the website must run smooth and on secured platform. CGI hosting supports websites that use CGI scripts in their CGI-BIN, CGI and SSI, which are both often compatible. However it may be no more than a matter of personal preference about what script or programming languages you’re going to use. Java is also one of the best and popular programming languages which generally accomplish through the scripting on server side, as well other programming languages on this side are PHP, PERL.

Generally CGI script are used for a website to bring greater functionality like shopping cart, which should entail for the capability to calculate shipping cost, apply sales tax and make other calculation automatically. in addition for automated registration process and issuing user name/password to your visitors CGI scripts is one of the preferred choice. You will require better interaction capability of your website with majority of database that includes MYSQL & MS Access databases which can be applied in similar range of servers like UNIX, Linux & Window.

However there are many other languages like PHP, PERL and Java are gaining popularity due to many reasons but CGI hold it place since from long time & still it remain one of the essential element for creating a website and so on the CGI Hosting will remain there to serve you efficiently & resourcefully.

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