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How to flush DNS cache for Windows, Linux or Mac ?

Many a times it may happen that a bad DNS entry would get cached and it becomes essential to either flush (or clear) the DNS cache to bring things back to normal, or simply hold on until twenty four hours to get dropped from the cache on its own. Instead, there is a way to forcible flush it out from...

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Small Business Web Hosting and eBusiness

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The latest trend for rapid business development now-a-days is Outsourcing. Inorder to cope up with recent hit of recession,most companies and enterprises have chosen the alternative to outsource their business tasks to third parties.This alternative method of saving money is more widely seen in companies involved in eBusiness.Outsourcing the task of managing your website and related tasks to the Best Web hosting UK company is one such way of outsourcing. Most companies are switching over to outsourced small business web hosting solutions with no compromise on the security and scalability. Many companies have started opting for small business web hosting packages due the facr that they are affordable,offers 100% uptime and ample resources available for your website’s smooth online presence.

Small Business Web Hosting  for E-Business
Web hosting companies offer small business web hosting packages at incredibly lower price hence allowing you to save lot of financial resources than can be used for other business sectors.This is a much better investment than outsourcing due to the costs of an in-house IT staff whose basic duty is to oversee the Web site. In addition,the equipment, software system, and initial set up costs, as well as the periodic upgrades of equipment, 24/7 helpdesk and monitoring services and round the clock management can be taken care by the hosting provider.

Today,the fundamental aspect for any business inorder to rise from recession, is to decrease the capital consumption.By leveraging a small business web hosting provider’s data centre infrastructure, network and expertise, companies can save upto 30 to 85 percent price over the in-house solutions. Overheads of companies such as releasing assets, cash that is apportioned to capital outlays and the expense of specially-trained staff, which could account for anywhere from 20 percent to 49 percent of the total budget for the internet site can be reduced by outsourcing the website management activities.A small business web hosting package availed from any of the best web hosting provider with a dependable e-commerce platform can get you to avail end-to-end accountability for the functioning of your website.

Small Business Web Hosting for eCommerceThese days there is a wide diversity of hosting choices available to the small business owner from a $20 simple hosting set-up, which offers an internet site and a domain name to fully-managed small business web hosting solutions that offer everything from security to monitoring and reporting. By outsourcing all internet hosting functions to a competent provider, one gets the opportunity to capitalize the efficiency and functionality of the Internet to enable and develop its business.

With the small business web hosting packages,website owners can choose the value-added services required to carry out the mission critical tasks for business persistence and access challenges. Small business web hosting providers extend a host of solutions to cope with user demands including monitoring and reporting of site traffic, disaster recovery planning, security threat monitoring, server backup and data storage and recovery capabilities. Additionally, providers generally provide Service Level Agreement guarantees to assure full-time accessibility and back-up for the Internet site.

On the other hand,if a small business opts for an unmanaged web hosting package where one needs to self manage the INTERNET site, there is no recourse whenever the site goes down, nor any guarantee that it will work. It is of more concern when you have an eCommerce website and involves live chats and online payment systems.

A small business web hosting solution offered by any of the best web hosting providers,can be the first step towards becoming a strong competitor to the similar large business.Eukhost is one host who offer Affordable Web Hosting solutions alongwith Email Hosting.

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An Overview of Different Web Hosting Control Panels

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Many different web hosting control panels are offered by different web hosting providers.But cPanel,Plesk and DotNet Panel or DNP are among the most used and widely recommended control panels in the web hosting industry.Most of the best web hosting providers offer these three control panels to its users.

Control panels basically eases the task of managing various web hosting tasks.Many web hosting tasks can be simplified with the use of the control panels.Inspite being a third party application most web hosts offer support for these control panels.With the use of these panels web hosting management tasks such as management of web services, E-mails, DNS and Database of both client side and administrator side. Many reputed web hosting providers offer control panel access as a standard feature with the wen hosting accounts. These control panels are simple to use.Additionally,the online control panel usage tutorials further simplify the usage.Even a person with zero webmaster skills can operate it with a similar simplicity of an experienced web master,hence these control panels are widely preferred by web hosting service providers and its users.


Cpanel,DNP and Plesk

Currently only the Linux Servers are supported by cPanel. Hence,it can be offered with Linux web hosting packages only. On the other hand,similar to cPanel,only Windows web hosting servers are supported by DotNet Panel (DNP).Such a cheap hosting uk category is also termed as DotNet Panel Windows Hosting solution and is widely offered by web hositng service providers.Unlike the other twop, Plesk control panel supports both Linux as well as Windows servers.But,DNP is supposed to be more stable than Plesk control panel hence is more preferred by users.

To have an overview, cPanel and Plesk control panel is used for managing the accounts of Linux Web hosting accounts and Plesk and DNP are offered for managing the web hosting accounts on Windows Web Hosting accounts

Different Features of various Control Panels.


Advantages of Plesk control panel.

  • Windows Support : Plesk is more compatible with Windows Web hosting servers,hence is offered with web hosting packages.The websites developed using Microsofts products such as ASP and ASP.NET works only on Windows servers,therefore a user does not have an alternative than to choosie Windows Web Hosting services.Many users prefer DotNet Panel instead of Plesk for managing Windows Hosting accounts. But, if DNP isn’t available then Plesk proves to be a better alternative.
  • Windows Service Support : Since Plesk can be used on servers having Windows platform,it is capable to integrate with multiple Windows based programs. It has an advanced feature support for some Windows programs such as Microsoft SQL Server which can be managed by Plesk by server administrators and clients with their own databases making it an ideal control panel for Windows hosting packages.
  • Cross Platform Compatibility : From a system administrator’s perspective, one may find it more beneficial having a single control panel on all the servers. Mastering a single control panel is much simpler than mastering two. As a customer one may find it easy since it means that one should be able to get the same sort of features from both Linux as well as from Windows web hosting uk solutions.

Though Plesk seems to be perfect choice for Windows web hosting packages, it can also be used for managing Linux hosting packages.


DNP is supposed to be one of the best solution available developed for simplifying Windows Hosting management operations. Users get to experience greater flexibility with DNP.This control panel is written in C# language and comprises of latest technologies such as WMI, ADSI, SOAP Web Services with Web enhancements and N velocity Templates engine.

DNP supports Exchange Server 2007, Windows Share Point Services, IIS 7.0, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a new VPS solution for complete Enterprise level automation of virtualization. It is reputed as the fastest AJAX enabled control panel.

Features of DotNet Panel:

  • Easy Usability: The installation process is fairly simple and easy. You are not required to waste days for making the control panel work for you.
  • Security: Most advanced security technology such as asymmetric cryptography, process isolation and Web Services messages signing is used in DNP.
  • Multi-Server: DNP is remarkably scalable, distributed n-tier application.


cPanel is a widely preferred control panel for managing Linux web hosting accounts.Below are some of the basic benefits of cPanel

  • Extended Features of Linux : cPanel encompasses more features for Linux web hosting solutions than Plesk control panel. cPanel can be used in combination with different add-ons such as Fantastico script installer and CFS firewall to provide customers a wide range of services which can be used from their web hosting accounts control panel, such features can’t be used on Plesk Linux Web Hosting servers.
  • Support for Reseller accounts: Apart from Plesk 9.0 version, other versions does not provide support for reseller web hosting accounts whereas cPanel offers good support for resellers. cPanel is available with the Web Host Manager (WHM) panel which allows resellers to control all different aspects of their reseller accounts including the configuring of their own packages and the setting up of client web hosting accounts.
  • Faster Loading : cPanel’s internal pages load more faster than those of Plesk and certain tasks are carried out quicker than they would be with the Plesk control panel. cPanel does not rely on external databases in much cases, this is one of the reasons of the smooth functioning. cPanel has proven to be more reliable than Plesk on Linux.

It does not matter if you have a Small business web hosting account or the largest Dedicated Server hosting package,all these control panels can be obtained from most of the best web hosting companies for managing your Linux or Windows Web Hosting accounts.

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Is there a Need of Web Hosting For Your Small Business?

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Today more and more individuals have started relying on the Internet for carrying out most of their day to day activities such as shopping,paying bills,live streaming,pod casting etc.Alongwith that there has been an increase in the number of people establishing online businesses to earn their bread.Inorder to get the small business website online, it is necessary to place it on a web server.

Due to such a demand many web host have started to offer Small Business Web Hosting packages.These are normally low cost packages hence are affordable for the users to make an online venture with least expense on financial resources.The increasing number of web hosting providers have started offering small business web hosting solution that offers safe and scalable services for your website/s.

Small Business Web Hosting

One major benefit of small business web hosting model is its low cost availability.Most of the best web hosting providers too have realized the benefits of offering web hosting packages for small business websites,hence have started to offer them to its customers. Signing up for such a web hosting solution is much cheaper than hosting the web site/s in house.It prevents your investments in the costly server hardware and the IT staff required to manage and maintain the server.Opting for a small business web hosting package from a reputed web hosting provider enables you to save the initial set-up costs,software costs plus periodical upgrades and security patches,round the clock support services,server management,server back ups and server monitoring are done by the web hosting provider.This helps you to concentrate on your business goals and growth prospective more efficiently.

Today due to the ever changing business scenario,it is essential to slash down the capital consumptions of an organization.Therefore such a web hosting solution can save a lot of your capital since you use some server space,bandwidth of the web hosting providers hardware.Additionally since the host offers fully managed web hosting services,you can get round the clock technical assistance for free.Such reputed web hosting providers have highly skilled experienced server administrators who are dedicated towards offering best technical support services for your website/s.

Today due to the ever increasing competition and an increasing demand in the web hosting industry,web hosts have started to offer small business web hosting packages at as low as £20 GBP.Alongwith the package you get to experience 100% uptime guarantee,multiple add on domains,multiple email accounts,various control panel and database support,Password Protected Directories (as a security feature) and 24×7 Free technical support which includes 24×7 Emails Support,24×7 LiveChat Support and 24×7 Phone Support.

This should clear the doubt of whether you need web hosting services for fulfilling you small business web hosting requirements.

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Checklist to select a right host for your Small Business Web hosting needs.

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Before you build your business hosting website, there are many factors that you must take into consideration,and must be cautious and should follow the following checklist.Below are five basic points that one should bear in mind when choosing a host to fulfill your small business web hosting requirements

a) Redundancy: Redundancy is a crucial factor for any business website. So before you choose any hosting plan, you should make sure that your best web hosting provider takes timely server backups.You should make sure that the host offers you the guarantee about the website data stays secure in case of any accidents. Backup features should be included in the package price if not then the host should have back up packages to offer to its customers.


money-back-guaranteeb) Money back guarantee: You should choose a host that offer money back guarantee of atleast 30-days. This is important since it enables you to withdraw the services of the host for your website without losing a penny.This is a useful feature for finalizing a host since some users may experience later, that the host has falsely promoted its services and has offered services or products entirely different than what was promised. It is very important for any user to carefully go through the Terms of service of any web hosting service provider.

c) Website Uptime: It is important to ensure that visitors across the globe can view your website at any given point of the day, your website must be functional and running 24x7x365 days since there are various time zones in the world so it is necessary to always make sure that your web hosting provider offers reliability of the server infrastructure.Usually most of the best web hosting providers offer an uptime of more than 99%.This can be an useful parameter when selecting a web host for satisfying your small business web hosting requirements.

Tech_supportd) Technical Support: This is one of the factors that users pay least attention to.But as a matter of fact technical support and customer service is one of the most important factor you must consider.A host offering both these services on a 24×7 basis can be an added advantage.It is a common and most logical scenario that, When a visitor or lets say a future potential customer isn’t able to access access your Website, they would simply move ahead and search for any other website offering similar services/products similar to yours.Hence inorder to increase the chances of getting more sales it is important that your website is live on the internet and running at its optimum potential on the hosted server.

Reliabilitye) Reliability: This may be the last factor,but is important for you to check services and features offered by your webhost very carefully. Before you sign up with a web hosting provider,one must check the connectivity and uplink to web hosts data center, configuration of the server should be latest and upgraded.It is also advised to users to make yourself aware of the supported applications on server.

Following these five simple checklist can help you in choosing a reliable web host to fulfill you Small Web Hosting requirements.

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What are the Disadvantages of Dedicated Servers?

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We can find many blogs that speak about only the advantages of various servers offered by most of the Best Web Hosting providers.There are hardly any places where you can get to read something about the disadvantages. Here we will try to find the disadvantages of dedicated servers.

No matter if it is a Small Business Web hosting or a large one,to be honest there aren’t much disadvantages of dedicated servers.The only one that we managed to find is the price for which the dedicated servers are offered.As the name itself suggests,the server is used by a single user.Only a single account is created on a dedicated server unlike shared or VPS server.In this type of hosting,a single user bears the cost of the server,hence seems to be expensive than shared and VPS packages.Whereas with shared hosting or VPS hosting the cost of the dedicated server is shared between multiple users hence these web hosting packages are offered at cheaper prices.This is the only disadvantage visible with dedicated servers.

Dedicated Servers Vs Virtual Private Servers

On the other hand from a performance perspective dedicated servers are considered to be the most reliable servers than any other.You being the only one using the server,have the flexibility and freedom to use the server as per your requirement and will. With a dedicated server,one gets to experience the highest level of security.Since you are the only person using the server,the chances of data hacks and attacks by the neighboring user is out of question,which is not the case with shared or VPS accounts.In a VPS,if one of the users accounts consume more resources at a given point of time,the other websites performance get affected,which is not the case with dedicated servers.Since all the server resources are allocated to your website/s no matter if there is a sudden increase in the traffic,there would not be any effect on neither your website performance nor your server.

There exists more advantages than disadvantages.The web hosting company would provide support.Usually few of the Best Web Hosting companies do not charge anything for the post sales technical support offered to the clients.

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