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Comparison of PHP Hosting and Java Hosting

Java and PHP are the two of the widely used scripting languages. The most important difference between the two is where they are deployeed. Basically,JavaScript is the primary language used for the execution at the client side, for example, the browser installed on the local machine. PHP or Hyper Text...

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Affordable Website Hosting and Cold Fusion Hosting

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Most users might be unaware of the concept and usage of Cold Fusion. It is basically a web programming language that combines the usage of Java and HTML with the databases inorder to achieve dynamic web pages that usually undergo changes and modifications. Cold Fusion should not be misunderstood as a CMS or a File Management system due to its simple usage and the pace at which it operates. The application server takes care of loading the web pages in accordance with the database,so that whenever there is a request for a particular web page, you get to see the updated web page whenever the database is updated.

ColdFusion_LogoNot many web hosting providers offer Cold Fusion hosting, but when choosing one, make sure you choose an affordable web hosting company that offers latest edition of Cold Fusion. This also helps to ease the integration with wide variety of databases.

Very few web hosting providers offer Cold Fusion with their shared packages. Until today it is not compatible with the PHP Hosting packages which means you can only choose Windows platforms for hosting your cold fusion web sites.

When choosing an affordable web hosting service for your website, make sure the company offers optimum network security and stability. These two factors are of utmost importance, inorder to avoid data theft and misuse. Ideally a host that guarantees an uptime guarantee of atleast 99.9 percent should be considered. A web hosting provider should be capable of offering good quality technical support whenever required. You may hardly find a website that haven’t faced any problem, due to some reason or the other you may require to contact the host. Hence, it is necessary that you get the help when you are in need of the same. So, choose a host who operates 24×7 and offers support via multiple alternate mediums.

The budget is another important factor when looking to host a website. Hence, choosing an Affordable web hosting without compromising the above mencoldfusion_eukhosttioned factors can help your website to achieve great success in the online world. Cold Fusion can be used on almost any web hosting packages.You may find almost anything related to your website with the web hosting provider which also includes databases.


Usually it is a prime concern for most users to find an affordable web hosting solution and saving maximum financial resources.Hence, it might be useful if the above guidelines are followed. Also, one mustn’t compromise on the network uptime offered by the host. Ideally, a host that offers an uptime guarantee of anything more than 99.9 percent should be chosen. Cold Fusion isn’t available with PHP Hosting packages, you need to choosing Windows packages for hosting a Cold Fusion web-site.

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PHP Hosting:Features of Fantastico

Posted by admin | Posted in Business Web Hosting | Posted on 15-02-2010

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Fantastico is one of the most useful features of cPanel control panel. It comes absolutely free with this very powerful web hosting control panel. Most webmasters opt for cPanel due to this tool. There are various useful functions that comes with Fantastico.

The most important feature that attracts the attention of most users is that Fantastico is free with cPanel. Hence, people looking for affordable web hosting solutions tend to choose PHP Hosting packages. Fantastico has gained reputation due to its exceptional usability. No matter which web hosting package you choose, you do not have to pay any charges inorder to use this very important tool of cPanel. Basically, it is a Unix based tool which is developed to ease the tidy tasks of usually used scripts and softwares. This tool offers a single click installation of the popular scripts and softwares. Various aspects have been kept in mind as it seems, when designing this tool. Within these tools users are offered an ease to install Blogs, various CMS’s (Content Management Systems), Customer Support/Helpdesk tools, Forums, eCommerce Softwares, Project Management Softwares, Templates, Wiki Scripts etc.

As  we all are aware blogs have become an integral part of any website today, hence with Fantastico has made its installation fairly simple by including it along with the various easy installation scripts. Users can choose between various blogging softwares such as WordPress (most widely used), B2Evolution, Nucleas  and pMachine.

We can see that there is a boom in the online business industry. Most of the business websites are developed using content management systems (CMS‘s). Fantastico offers wide range of CMS applications as well. Below is the list of CMS applications offered with cPanel Fantastico:

  • cpanel-fantastico-php-mysqlDrupal,
  • Geeklog,
  • Joomla,
  • Open Source Mambo,
  • PHP-Nuke,
  • PhpWCMS
  • PostNuke,
  • Typo3

Fantastico offers easy installation process for all these applications.

Some Customer Support/Helpdesk tools too are included in Fantastico:

  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Help Center Live
  • OsTicket
  • PHP Support Tickets
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Support Services Manager

Forum softwares such as phpBB and SMF discussion board scripts too form an integral part of Fantastico.

Alongwith that, eCommerce softwares that are required by business websites can be found in this tool. CubeCart, OSCommerce and ZenCart are some of the eCommerce applications that are available.

For pre-established businesses, project management is a crucial task for gaining success. PHProjekt and dotProject included in cPanel Fantastico can help users to create new users, set tasks etc. The users can login and check the tasks assigned on an individual basis.

During an online experience, you are required to try various templates. Template Express helps you do  that. Most users mis-understand it to be a website editor, it only helps to install templates fast onto the server.

Most of the webmasters might be aware of the very popular global content management system : Wiki. This tool too is included in cPanel’s Fantastico.

If you are looking out for an Affordable Web Hosting service, consider one of the PHP Hosting plans that includes cPanel control panel. Fantastico would drastically make your tasks simpler and make your web hosting experience enjoyable.

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Quick Checklist for Affordable Web Hosting Services

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Assuming that you have shortlisted few of the Web Hosting companies that offer Affordable Web Hosting Services suitable for your requirements, it is important to contact them and ask few important questions before proceeding with the sign-up. Below are few quick questions that you must ask your prospective affordable web hosting provider.

Knowing you website requirements is the most essential factor to get the correct host for your website. The checklist would help you to evaluate an ideal web hosting provider. But before you proceed, it is important that you do some research. Search the web hosting forums for the current technologies offered by most of the reputed web hosting service providers in the Industry.

So here we go. Below are the questions that should get you a good deal as well as the perfect Affordable Web Hosting provider.

Affordable Web HostingQ1. Is the company capable of providing the required softwares and the hardware?

Q2. What are the available billing cycles, is it monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual ?

Q3. Most importantly, what is the uptime guarantee offered ?

Q4. Whether the affordable web hosting provider offer support 24×7 ?

Q5. Does the web host offer add-on services such as back-ups, extra dedicated IP’s, additional bandwidth, disk space, site builder, control panel etc. ?

Tip: If you already have a hosting account with some other host, and are looking for switching to another service provider, you must ask the new host about the migration.Whether they would take care of the data migration or would you have to do it?

Cheap VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting are some of the widely preferred affordable web hosting solutions in the Industry these days.


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Comparison of PHP Hosting and Java Hosting

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Java and PHP are the two of the widely used scripting languages. The most important difference between the two is where they are deployeed. Basically,JavaScript is the primary language used for the execution at the client side, for example, the browser installed on the local machine. PHP or Hyper Text Processor is most often deployed on the server side.

Languages such as Perl and C too are used as server side scripts.But PHP has gained more popularity due to its feature of offering dynamic website content. Another important advantage of PHP is that , its codes can be embedded in HTML pages. When a user requests for a webpage from the server,the PHP is embedded in the HTML code where as its juts the opposite case with Perl where the HTML is produced by Perl code. PHP offers dynamic content to the webpage enabling it to look more cleaner and readable.


PHP is also well known for its quality of performance. This being an Open source language, developers from across the world have helped in optimizing the language better than any other.Due to its combination with MySQL database its performance gets even more improved and users get a one of a kind experience.

Although either PHP or JavaScript could be used on the opposite side of the web client-server relationship, neither is truly general purpose. Both are best suited to the respective niche where they evolved.

LAMP HostingPHP Hosting solutions are offered by most of the web hosting providers. Being an Open source tool, has enabled web hosts to offer Affordable web hosting for PHP websites. MySQL too is an Open source database software,hence a combination of PHP hosting and MySQL database is usually offered by web hosting providers. Whereas JavaScripts are resource intensive,hence web hosts do not allow such websites to be hosted on most of the shared packages. A high end Semi-dedicated or a Dedicated server is recommended for websites containing Java codes. While PHP sites can be hosted on any of the shared packages. As a matter of fact Linux Apache MySQL and PHP or LAMP is the perfect combination for hosting your website developed using PHP scripting language.

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