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What To Look For While Choosing a Web Hosting provider? (Part I)

Choosing the affordable web hosting company is where we decide on whom to give the responsibility to host our online business or website. It also depends on where our visitors are coming from. And of course, we also need to think about the necessary comfort that a great website requires. Here we offer...

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Why Consider Fully Managed Dedicated Servers? (Part I)

Posted by admin | Posted in Business Web Hosting | Posted on 27-05-2010

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As there are different types of hosting plans available in the web hosting industry, there are different types of management levels available for hosting plans too. There are hosting providers who offer fully managed dedicated hosting plans and there are hosting providers who do not offer any kind of management with the hosting plans and due to this reason, they can be cheaper if compared.

This kind of comparison is mostly seen when it comes to Dedicated Hosting and there are hosting providers who offer Dedicated Servers which are fully managed and some do not offer any kind of management with the servers they offer. The price is ofcourse cheaper, however, it is always better to consider UK Dedicated Servers with full management and few reasons for this are given below.

The best benefit of managed Dedicated Hosting is the fact that it is provided with 24×7 support through several means of communication due to which it is possible for the client to contact the hosting provider i.e. the support department at any point of time. Due to this reason, Dedicated Servers offer better uptime guarantee with availability which is very necessary.

The servers offered are also monitored by the hosting providers in order to make sure that they offer high uptime guarantee. If needed, it is also possible to get help to troubleshoot on the Dedicated Server.

Why Consider Fully Managed Dedicated Servers? (Part II)

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Start hosting with PHP hosting

Posted by admin | Posted in Business Web Hosting | Posted on 19-05-2010

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PHP is a server side scripting language used to create dynamics web pages for any kind of website. It is a scripting language embedded within a HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code for preforming logical operations of a website. PHP scripts provides different functions for development of the website. The predefined functions are very much helpful for handling any web development environment. Web hosting businessmen prefer PHP hosting because it is compatible with almost all kind of server (Apache,IIS) and it runs efficiently in any server environment.

For Web development PHP uses different operators like Arithmetic operators, Assignment operators, Comparison operators and Logical operators. PHP is an open source technology which is available with different add-on and updates. PHP supports different versions of MySQL database for storing database of an individual’s website.

PHP is an affordable web development technology which is beneficial for beginners. It provides secure and simple web development to a website. Most web hosting providers offers PHP hosting to web developers and web designers. PHP hosting is compatible with Windows web hosting and as well as Linux web hosting platform. The basic programming language used in PHP is C. Any one who is new in web hosting and want to develop a website for his/her online business should use PHP for simplicity. PHP supports Flash, Shockwave multimedia support for web development. Before finalizing with any web hosting company for PHP hosting service check whether they are following all the terms and conditions mentioned in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreement. PHP hosting is considered to be affordable web hosting for beginners. WordPress Hosting being one of the most popular blogging applications, is considered to be one of the cheapest alternatives to starting your own website.

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Domain Reselling Business

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The progress in affordable web hosting technology and networks has made it easy to get business on internet . You can have a website for selling products and services all over the world and start generating good revenue. Internet has become a source of income for many webmaster and they earn much more than offline business through their website.

If you want to get into some home-based business by using internet, you are having options like ”Reselling Domains“. In this business, you register domain names that can be resold to others for extra revenue. You will need snatch short and meaningful domains which would get high value in future.

You can consider domains as your asset. Once you have registered a number of domains, you can resell them at much higher value through posting them at few website hosting forums, domain reselling sites or through auction. You can resell domains by putting them in auction and specifying time limit.  You can mentioned starting bid for your domains so that anyone can bid for it within specified timelimit.

Make sure that you keep starting bid for higher rate then you have purchase that particular domain so that you can earn some revenue by selling it. Another option for selling domains is by creating a website and advertising all domains which you mean to resell on this website. All website visitor can go through list of domains which you want to sell and can accordingly take their decision.

Last option [ having a fully functional website ] is not preferred for selling domains as you will have to attract webmaster at your site so that they can go through your domain list which can be a difficult task as compare to put all your domains at other popular domain reselling auction sites. Thus by reselling domains you  can earn good revenue.

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