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Advantages and Differences Between VPS and Cloud Hosting

Posted by admin | Posted in Business Web Hosting | Posted on 03-12-2010

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Cloud Server Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one of the marvelous invention in the affordable web hosting industry. It enables customers to save on costs without cutting back on the service they currently get.

Basically, the core idea is that a single physical dedicated server is divided into minimum of four virtual servers, which are still be able to supply all the resources of a dedicated server. This service is the service which lies between shared and dedicated hosting.

The best aspect about VPS hosting is that it is so simple to use that the software & application you install runs with ease. VPS offers an option to add additional resources whenever required, which makes it an ideal solution for many businesses. Hundred’s of websites can be hosted on a single cheap VPS hosting server. Virtual private servers are ultimately known as a cheap hosting uk solution than other hosting services.

Unlike cloud hosting, here the VPS server is the customers responsibility such as sorting out security, getting updates and performing maintenance of your vps. The performance issue may occur as the resources are being shared amongst other vps on the same node.

Whereas, cloud hosting is a kind of service which provides power and resources from a network of servers. Often called the cloud is the planning of computing resources that have been bind together and delivered via the Internet. The customer is enabled to add as much or as little resources as they require without any limitations.

Another benefit is that the billing of the customer is done on the basis of only what they use. Hence, Cloud Hosting is known as an extremely cost-effective and ultimately a reliable solution.

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