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Affordable Web Hosting with MySQL, PHP Hosting , NOT REQUIRED !!

Posted by admin | Posted in Business Web Hosting | Posted on 29-01-2010

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Have you heard people saying “Cheap products/services are no good“, rather whenever we want to purchase something, human psychology is such that, we search for the services/products with cheapest possible price. Price becomes the priority php-mysql-hostingespecially when you are just starting out and cannot afford the costly products available in the market.And ultimately we shrink our search to cheap products and services and hope it is of good quality.

Similar is the case with people searching for web hosting services.Most affordable web hosting plans is what users would usually prefer.For that reason eukhost has designed most affordable web hosting plans offering MySQL and PHP Hosting at highly competitive prices. Following are some of the features offered:

Reliability and Uptime : Uptime refers to the percentage of time the website is accessible over the Internet. For that,it is important that the server is running smoothly without any problem over the Internet.This is one of the most important factors in web hosting hence these accounts are created on fast and redundant servers.

Disk Space: Web Hosting disk space it the amount of space a web hosting provider offers to store your website data such as webpages,video/audio,images and the related files on the server.Different web hosts offer different space which may vary from few MB’s to some GB’s. If you have no clue how much space you would require, you can approach the affordable web hosting provider and seek help from them.

Web Hosting Bandwidth : Bandwidth is also termed as the data transfer which is the amount of data that is allowed to be transferred.It is the total amount of data that is accessed from the server every month. Most web hosting companies claim to offer unlimited bandwidth, but for a small or medium sized web site, it would be a waste of resource as well as money,so it is advisable to choose a web hosting package that offers bandwidth that is actually required by your website.

Web Hosting Control Panel : For a beginner us is helpful for managing the web hosting account if you have a web hosting control panel with the affordable web hosting package. A control panel helps you to manage your account more effectively than that without it.There are also list of tools that are included in a control panel which offer one click installation such as CMS,Shopping Carts,etc.

Eukhost in addition to Affordable web hosting services such as PHP Hosting also offer Email Hosting at reasonable prices.

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