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Advantages and Differences Between VPS and Cloud Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are one of the marvelous invention in the affordable web hosting industry. It enables customers to save on costs without cutting back on the service they currently get. Basically, the core idea is that a single physical dedicated server is divided into minimum of four virtual...

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Domain Reselling Business

Posted by admin | Posted in Business Web Hosting | Posted on 15-05-2010

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The progress in affordable web hosting technology and networks has made it easy to get business on internet . You can have a website for selling products and services all over the world and start generating good revenue. Internet has become a source of income for many webmaster and they earn much more than offline business through their website.

If you want to get into some home-based business by using internet, you are having options like ”Reselling Domains“. In this business, you register domain names that can be resold to others for extra revenue. You will need snatch short and meaningful domains which would get high value in future.

You can consider domains as your asset. Once you have registered a number of domains, you can resell them at much higher value through posting them at few website hosting forums, domain reselling sites or through auction. You can resell domains by putting them in auction and specifying time limit.  You can mentioned starting bid for your domains so that anyone can bid for it within specified timelimit.

Make sure that you keep starting bid for higher rate then you have purchase that particular domain so that you can earn some revenue by selling it. Another option for selling domains is by creating a website and advertising all domains which you mean to resell on this website. All website visitor can go through list of domains which you want to sell and can accordingly take their decision.

Last option [ having a fully functional website ] is not preferred for selling domains as you will have to attract webmaster at your site so that they can go through your domain list which can be a difficult task as compare to put all your domains at other popular domain reselling auction sites. Thus by reselling domains you  can earn good revenue.

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