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Checklist to select a right host for your Small Business Web hosting needs.

Posted by admin | Posted in Small Business Web hosting | Posted on 04-12-2009

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Before you build your business hosting website, there are many factors that you must take into consideration,and must be cautious and should follow the following checklist.Below are five basic points that one should bear in mind when choosing a host to fulfill your small business web hosting requirements

a) Redundancy: Redundancy is a crucial factor for any business website. So before you choose any hosting plan, you should make sure that your best web hosting provider takes timely server backups.You should make sure that the host offers you the guarantee about the website data stays secure in case of any accidents. Backup features should be included in the package price if not then the host should have back up packages to offer to its customers.


money-back-guaranteeb) Money back guarantee: You should choose a host that offer money back guarantee of atleast 30-days. This is important since it enables you to withdraw the services of the host for your website without losing a penny.This is a useful feature for finalizing a host since some users may experience later, that the host has falsely promoted its services and has offered services or products entirely different than what was promised. It is very important for any user to carefully go through the Terms of service of any web hosting service provider.

c) Website Uptime: It is important to ensure that visitors across the globe can view your website at any given point of the day, your website must be functional and running 24x7x365 days since there are various time zones in the world so it is necessary to always make sure that your web hosting provider offers reliability of the server infrastructure.Usually most of the best web hosting providers offer an uptime of more than 99%.This can be an useful parameter when selecting a web host for satisfying your small business web hosting requirements.

Tech_supportd) Technical Support: This is one of the factors that users pay least attention to.But as a matter of fact technical support and customer service is one of the most important factor you must consider.A host offering both these services on a 24×7 basis can be an added advantage.It is a common and most logical scenario that, When a visitor or lets say a future potential customer isn’t able to access access your Website, they would simply move ahead and search for any other website offering similar services/products similar to yours.Hence inorder to increase the chances of getting more sales it is important that your website is live on the internet and running at its optimum potential on the hosted server.

Reliabilitye) Reliability: This may be the last factor,but is important for you to check services and features offered by your webhost very carefully. Before you sign up with a web hosting provider,one must check the connectivity and uplink to web hosts data center, configuration of the server should be latest and upgraded.It is also advised to users to make yourself aware of the supported applications on server.

Following these five simple checklist can help you in choosing a reliable web host to fulfill you Small Web Hosting requirements.

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