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Cloud hosting for your Business website

In order to explain you cloud computing architecture in a better way, I will divide divide it into two different sections that is: Front end and Back end. Both front end and back end servers connect to each other through a network. The front end is the side the users computer and the back end is the...

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Why do you need a cloud server for your the online business

Posted by admin | Posted in cloud web hosting company, right cloud hosting provider | Posted on 04-03-2013

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The technology has revolutionized the way the world does business on both a local and global level. In this competitive world where very thing is available with a click of a button. Because of the global competition along the web, online stores need to boost their website to attract more customers and thus increase marketing revenues for the online business.

For setting up the online business website, it is important to choose the  right cloud hosting provider. A good cloud hosting company will offer reliability and a secure environment for your online business.

Many organizations opt for cloud servers for their online businesses because it offers greater flexibility and scalability. Cloud server is reliable both in terms of output and in terms of cost. The cloud server enables an internet site to run with their power and use all resources from the server group in real time.

The web site can handle security, hardware and traffic load and balance in a virtual way. In the cloud server hosting, the servers’ group shares processing performance, power, memory and hard drives, and all servers could be quickly swapped. For instance, if one server crashes, it can quickly be replaced with the new one without leaving any gap in service continuation.

Cloud server is nothing but the virtual server that runs on cloud computing environment. Cloud server works like the physical server and can be controlled through an administrator.

Now the question comes Why  do you need a cloud server for your the online business?


Now every business aims for security.The cloud server offers better security to the business.  In an E-commerce websites are usually required to process and store customers’ personal details. These details include payment information, names and addresses and even their choice of purchase. The payment details have more obvious financial risks associated with them. For safeguarding the interest of the customer most online business use cloud servers.  Cloud servers also known as VPS accounts are designed such that they do not interact with each other further frustrating hacking effort and offer an opportunity to build your server firewall in our own design or customization.


A cloud server hosting offers 99.99% uptime guarantee. In cloud server hosting the chances of  downtime is very less as multiple servers are used.  In case one server goes down the others takes take care of it and virtually there is no down-time as such. But in a standard hosting if a server goes down then it takes time to resume.

Thus we can say that choosing a right  cloud web hosting  company works well for entrepreneurs who have online businesses, which are growing fast. It is a flexible system and can be upgraded fast. Cloud server hosting is the latest in a growing and fast changing field.

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